Products :: Airbags
  Airbags Uses
  • Shipbuilding Industry

    - Launching of ships

    - Up slip of ships

    - Shipwreck salvation
  • Hoisting and Moving Industry

    - Lifting and transporting large and heavy objects

    - Hoisting airbag, moving airbag
    The combination of hoisting airbags and moving airbags can have the ability of lifting and transporting heavy weight objects over 10,000 ton.

    They are widely utilized to move heavy objects, such as, large scale reinforced concrete structure, oil drilling equipments, whole building structures and launch ships and boats of various sizes.

    - Floating airbag
    Floating airbags allows easy transportation and deployment onto surfaces and in underwater conditions, as they are relatively small when deflated. Due to its size, it has very flexible applications, such as, shipwreck salvation, float bridge, dock construction or as a temporary marine transportation device.

    The flexibility of the floating airbag is able to provide exact floating ton capability based on client’s requirements.