Established in 2006, New Oasis Marine Pte Ltd is the first Singaporean company that applies a unique technology for launching, shifting, up slipping for ships, barges and heavy materials.

Our engineers conduct detailed calculation, rigorous site survey, careful planning to ensure technical feasibility prior to every launch specifically. Therefore, each assignment will be safe and successful.

Even though we have a short history, we have successfully completed assignments from Singapore and all over Asia, namely, India, Malaysia and Indonesia. In addition, we have gained tremendous trust and recognition from our clients and their governments.

Launching and Up Slipping
Our method eliminates the need to construct slipways that is usually a requirement for a ship launching or up slipping procedures. To date, we have launched over 100 ships and barges. In addition, we have accomplished an unprecedented task of launching a 1700 metric ton DLB barge.

Our method can be applied in situations where the space or terrain does not allow the construction or use of lifting equipments. We have applied the technique and relocated a 5000 metric ton cylinder caisson.

Our technology is an alternative to traditional solutions that is more cost effective, energy efficient and reduces wastes.


Aspire to be a leader in marine support services in the region using innovative and cost effective solutions with technically proven technology.

‘New Oasis’ is a pioneer in regional marine support services that has and will continue to inspire technological flexibility in technique, quality services and offer cost effective solutions to all our clients.

To serve and improve with utmost credibility, trust and sincerity.