Milestones > Year 2007
In April 2007, we used super pressured airbags to launch a petroleum work ship with a height of 48 metres for a Singaporean shipyard   In May 2007, our rubber airbag launched a 300-people petroleum work ship that weighs 5300 tons in Indonesia
In May 2007, we employed our airbag technology to launch a 'three fountain commercial boat' with the length 75 metres and weight of 2600 tons   In June 2007, we launched the largest flat bottom barge in Malaysia. Its sheer size was 96 metres in length, 25 metres in width and 6.6 metres in depth
In August and September 2007, two 4000T accommodation barge was up-slipped using airbags onto dry land in Batam, Indonesia.
Milestones > Year 2008
Milestones > Year 2009
A 12,000T barge was launch at February 2009 at Batam, Indonesia. This was the first time we using air bag technologies to launch the barge that weight is more than ten thousand tones   In May 2009, we were using airbag to help a shipyard in Batam, Indonesia to shift a working barge
In September 2009, we launched a 17,000T barge at a shipyard in Bintan, Indonesia. It was the largest barge being launched onto the waters with the use of airbags   In September 2009, we successfully launched a 1300T barge in India with the use of airbags. Using airbags technology for launching is a first for India and it has gain tremendous trust from the India Marine field
In November 2009, a 2000T tugboat was successfully launched onto the waters in Batam, Indonesia